Creative Ways to Lower the Cost of College

Many students want to attend the college of their dreams. However, the average cost of tuition at colleges is around $10,020, which is way more than what a student can afford. While some students take on part-time jobs to pay for college, most of them end up taking out a student loan. If they are lucky enough, they get a good-paying job as soon as they graduate, while others keep hunting for a decent job for years.

There are many ways to make it through college without spending every penny you have saved, such as merit-based programs, tuition waivers, legacy programs, (preference given over other students if your grandparents studied at the college), summer courses, and more. However, there are a few ways that are a slam dunk when it comes to lowering the cost of your college.

Look for Scholarships

The three common scholarships include academic, financial need, and athletic achievement. Academic scholarships usually grant a free ride to a college, based on a student’s academic accomplishment. Athletic achievement looks at a student’s sports prowess and grants scholarship based on how much potential you have. As for financial aid, this is known as need-based scholarship and is granted to students depending on their living conditions.

Join a 2-Year College Program

A 2-year academic degree is offered at community colleges. This degree allows you to explore other fields, which you can later add to your other degrees. This option is quite affordable than a 4-year college degree and offers many benefits, which include:

  • Low Cost: A full semester at a community college costs less than $2,000. At an average, a student is able to earn around $6,380/year. This allows them to easily afford community college, as well as living options.
  • Flexible Schedule: Since students are working jobs while trying to put themselves through college, community college offers more night shifts than other colleges. This way, students have a flexible schedule when it comes to managing class and job timings.
  • More Opportunity: While studying at community college, students get more time to think on what major they want to pursue. They can always pursue another field after the 2-year education.

Enroll at a State College

Here, you have two options: in-state and out-of-state colleges. As you can imagine, the former option is more affordable. The tuition fees is way less because you are a city resident. If you have a good educational background, you can get a discount. There’s also the fact that in-state colleges offer more opportunities in terms of choosing a field. According to the U.S.News, a large in-state public college offers students the benefit of joining various clubs and finding their own place.

With the cost of education in the United States rising, it is important to learn about all the ways you can reduce your college tuition fees. The earlier you learn about your options and select the best one, the smoother your college years might turn out to be.

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4 Thoughts to “Creative Ways to Lower the Cost of College”

  1. Amanda Burke

    I was hoping this would be a bit more informative. I feel like this is obvious information–what about the things that people don’t usually think about? Transferring from a community college or applying for financial aid are the basics here.

  2. Ricky Torres

    This is good information to know.

  3. Andrea

    The unfortunate reality is that it takes much more than just applying to a school in-state or to a community college to save money on college fees. Every student situation is unique and options vary depending on each student’s specific situation.

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